Janitorial Training Program

The Hire-Ability Janitorial Training Program prepares individuals to work in custodial, building maintenance and related businesses. Below is a description of the training program offered:

The Occupational Skills Training Program in Janitorial (O.S.J.) is a time-limited, systematic training in the field of janitorial services with a focus on the needs of people with beavioral health conditions. The program consists of didactic classroom teaching combined with hands-on training and work experience using rehabilitation and behavioral techniques. Participants attend daily for approximately four months. A minimum of five hours of training will be provided each day.

Services are provided at Hire-Ability’s warehouse and classroom space. Participants are designated an area of the warehouse for classes and areas of the building for hands-on experience. Services may also be provided at a business site enclave located in the community.

The Janitorial Trainer provides 100% supervision of the work crew, monitors and intervenes when necessary, and trains and conducts classes using vocational rehabilitation and behavioral techniques. This will provide immediate feedback to participants with regard to their work performance.


Upon program completion, the participant will have skills to be referred to a job developer for placement in the following jobs:

  • Janitor / Custodian
  • Housekeeping
Janitorial Training Program

Basic Janitorial Training:

  • Carpet Care
  • General Office Cleaning
  • General Floor Care
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Drain Care
  • Air Care
  • Personal Care
Purpose The goal is to prepare participants for employment in janitorial services through supportive classroom and hands-on training.
Basic Information • Trainees learn basic janitorial skills in general office cleaning, restroom cleaning, general floor care, chemicals, and equipment.
• Trainees receive unpaid classroom based instruction and paid hands-on training, under the supervision of the Janitorial Trainer
• Trainees learn in a small group setting, up to 12 participants
• Successful completion of the program includes passing written and performance tests and maintain an average attendance of 85%
Schedule Training is Monday – Friday from 9:30am to 3:00pm for 4 months at Hire-Ability
Compensation, if any Trainees are paid at San Francisco minimum wage
Admission Procedure Admission is dependent on the class cycle, wait list is available. Must be eligible for Department of Rehabilitation Services and receiving mental health services through CBHS.