Employee Outsourcing Services

No time to recruit and train?
Are you too busy to handle the extra supervision?
Is managing the payroll a headache?

Hire-Ability can solve your problems with an on-site work crew for either temporary or permanent needs. We will handle all the training, payroll, insurance and supervision of these quality workers. We will provide intensive onsite supervision of these workers making your job significantly easier.

We will:

  • Administer all payroll management (including payroll taxes and insurance).
  • Provide you with team leader who will manage training, supervision and quality control.
  • Guarantee 100% quality control and 100% production deadlines.
  • Save you money. We can save you up to 50% over temp agency fees.

How can we do all this?

We are a private non-profit organization with an un-tapped pool of motivated workers who are interested in acquiring your job experience. When you choose Hire-Ability over other for-profit employment agencies, you are giving back to your community. Revenues made by Hire-Ability Contract Services allow us to provide more training and job opportunities to those that would otherwise not have them. Should you decide to hire any of the work crewmembers, significant tax credits are available.

We are time-effective and cost-effective. Now, put your worries aside and let us put the pieces together for you in a successful venture.

Contact Maya Feng at: mayafeng@hire-ability.org or call 415-282-9675 ext. 233.