Work Adjustment (W.A.) Program

The Work Adjustment Program is a time-limited, transitional, systematic program that assists participants in reaching their optimal level of vocational development by utilizing real work activity to aid them in the following areas:

  • Understanding the meaning, value and demands of work
  • Identifying special work characteristics needed to obtain competitive employment
  • Learning or re-establishing skills, attitudes, personal characteristics and work behavior
  • Developing appropriate work attitudes and habits by increasing interpersonal skills and self-confidence

Services are provided at Hire-Ability’s warehouse and classroom space. A majority of the time, participants are in a small production workgroup and are in charge of assembling and packaging products that will be sold in the competitive marketplace. Services may also be provided at a business site enclave located in the community.

Participants attend the program (classes, work, field work and/or vocational activities) from 9:30am to 2:00pm, Monday through Friday and will:

  • Achieve an average score of 3 (three) on a scale of 5 (five) or above on the assessment areas of the Work Adjustment Individual Service Plan
  • Meet their goals listed on the Work Adjustment Individual Service Plan
  • Complete the authorized time period of work adjustment services

Participants will have the opportunity to attend classes for up to two hours per week that focus on vocational topics, such as:

  • Communication Skills: Conflict Resolution, Co-Worker Relations, Communication on the Job
  • Decision Making Skills: Problem Solving
  • Employability: Time Management, Proper Attire, Appropriate Interactions in the Workplace, Appropriate Behavior on the Job, Productivity and Work Quality
  • Disability Management

Participants receive immediate feedback on their performance from the Vocational Specialist and/or Coordinator who provide supervision (monitors & intervenes when necessary) of the work crew and conduct classes using vocational rehabilitation and behavioral techniques.


Upon completion of the Work Adjustment Program, participants will have the necessary soft skills to be referred for non-supported competitive employment or supported employment.