Situational Assessment (S.A.) Program

Situational Assessment (S.A.) consists of career exploration activities which may include a short-term trial work experience designed to identify an individual’s current level of employability by focusing on the identification of an individual’s abilities, needs, strengths and barriers to employment for the purpose of providing information to choose an employment goal.

Participants participate in one-on- one career exploration activities which consist of several meetings with a Vocational Specialist to identify work interests. Participants may also have the opportunity to briefly experience actual job duties and activities with wages paid per Department of Labor guidelines.Services are provided individually and may be provided at Hire-Ability or a business site enclave located in the community.

Short-term Trial Work Experience- Production work

  • Assembling and packaging products to be sold in the marketplace.
  • Duties include weighing, stapling, sealing & packing.


Upon completion of the Situational Assessment, the participant’s work interests, abilities and supports needed are identified, and a recommendation for appropriate services or employment is made.